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We also are a provider for participants with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and our community recruitment division are equipped with the education and knowledge to customise nursing care and support to individuals living with a disability. With the advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, our team has been proactively participating in all events that have occurred in preparation to provide all our customers with accurate information regarding the services and entitlements people living with a disability are required to receive.

Discover a Personalised Nursing Agency

A leading nursing agency in Sydney, NSW.

DNA is a nursing agency dedicated to find jobs for those who care about ensuring quality nursing care is provided on continuous basis. We have been helping deliver great patient experiences through better workforce management.

Discover Nursing Australia, also referred as DNA, is a newly established multifaceted healthcare service that provides Sydney based recruitment services for healthcare facilities and in-home and other related community health services, education and training delivered by our qualified team and nursing consultancy work for accreditation.

Our nursing recruitment service specialises in placing the following:

Registered Nurses & Midwives
Clinical Nurse Educators, Specialists and Facilitators
Endorsed Enrolled Nurses
Assistants, Carers & Orderlies

Nursing Accreditation and Training

developing proficient and competency

Our team are also accredited to provide education and training to healthcare facilities and community services. The provision of health and wellbeing to individuals should be the predominant mission for all healthcare services. In order for healthcare professionals a part of those services to be proficient and competent when executing interventions and utilising appropriate technological devices they require optimal education and training. Our team can deliver education and training that is either tailored to your needs or selected from a range of our education programs.

Discover Nursing Australia was founded to increase the standards in the healthcare agency market, providing a robust system that not only provides recruitment services and training and education, but also accreditation. As aforementioned, our aspiration is to make a difference in the workforce in healthcare sectors and in the lives of people who require nursing care and support thus the implications of stringent policies and procedures are pertinent. Our team consists of nurses that have extensive amounts experience in a consultancy based role that have the expertise to assist your healthcare facility or community service throughout their accreditation process.

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