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Discover Nursing Australia is an established service that provides NDIS Services with the highest calibre of qualified staff that are broadly experienced and equipped with academic specialisations. We aspire to provide continuity of care thus we offer a multidisciplinary team that are trusted, reliable and efficient.

We understand that each participant and service require specific staff that consists of specialised education and training, qualifications and experience that is applicable to your specific requirements. We aim to provide staff that are suitable to you and your personal circumstances by adhering to the criteria required and received by you. Furthermore, our team will also ensure that the staff member we offer to your team is briefly orientated prior commencing their first shift and also receives ongoing training and other assistance whilst working with you.

We can offer the following:

  • Registered Nurses (general and specialised in aged care, disability or mental health)
  • Clinical Nurse Educators and Specialists
  • Endorsed Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nurses
  • Assistants in Nursing
  • Carers

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